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Save The World

Older grown ups are often heard to say "Waste not Want not", maybe this is a result of rationing during the war but it is a message that we all need to listen to even in the west where food is plentiful. We all need to be aware of the environmental and economic significance of food waste. Food Waste is Bad:

When does it happen?

  • If we cook or prepare too much food – when we have eyes bigger than our tummies.
  • We allow food to go past its "use-by" date or forget what we have squirreled away in the fridge.
  • So Start Planning

  • Think about what meals you would like for the week ahead.
  • Check the fridge and cupboards before you shop you may find the perfect ingredients to "almost" make the next meal. This will help you to menu plan, save money and cut down on food wastage.
  • Buy loose fruit and vegetables so you can buy exactly what you need.
  • Check out the Freezer

Think about your freezer space. Squirreling buy-one-get-one-free bargains away in the freezer is a way of life for the organised shopper who menu plans weeks in advance, but - be honest - do you fit into this category? Here is my confession, my freezer is far from tidy and I can't tell you exactly what is in it.
We need to be organised to use freezers efficiently. A freezer list is useful and this will prevent you from duplicating purchases to over fill the freezer.

Interestingly, these so called "bargains" never seem to look so exciting in their frost clad packaging. Ask the question before you buy does my freezer really need this added value? BEWARE of impulse shopping bargains. (They say "don't shop on an empty stomach!")

However, freezers are good for garden / summer gluts, homemade stocks and storing leftovers and for the banana ice-cream recipe! A full freezer saves electricity.

  • Keep an eye on portions - serve food on medium sized plates.
  • Use stale bread for breadcrumbs ( they freeze well but add them to your freezer list)
  • Eat together - research has shown that children who eat with their parents will eat more of their food.
  • Here is a recipe for over – ripe bananas. Yummy - leftovers...

    One dessertspoon banana chips
    450g peeled bananas (4)
    200g reduced fat crème fraiche

    1. Break the banana chips into small pieces.
    2. Peel the bananas, cut them into slices.
    3. Lay the small banana slices on a freezer proof tray (so that the pieces don't touch each other). Freeze for 2 hours until the banana has frozen.
    4. Put the frozen banana and crème fraiche into a food processor and put the lid on.
    5. With dry hands, use the pulse button to blend the banana and crème fraiche – quick little pulses until it mixes up. Put the banana ice-cream into a bowl. Add the banana chips and mix everything together.


    Add some grated chocolate or a tablespoon of frozen blueberries.

    Cut a banana into half and carefully push a lolly pop stick into one end.
    Freeze and you have a banana lolly. Try coating it in yogurt and linseeds or chocolate for a special treat.

    Use slices of frozen banana in really cool smoothies