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Summer Salad Bowls

What to find:
2 bell medium red peppers
75g cucumber
2 Romaine lettuce leaves
1 spring onion
2 cherry tomatoes
One tbsp drained tuna
1 tsp lemon juice
1 dsp extra virgin olive oil
Freshly ground pepper

What to do:
1. Cut the peppers in half and remove the seeds from the inside. Carefully break off the outer stem if there is one, being carefully not to make a hole. Trim the bases if they are not flat. You now have four salad bowls to fill. Wash them well and turn them upside down to drain.
2. Wash the cucumber, cut it into five slices and then finely chop the slices. Put the diced cucumber into a large mixing bowl.
3. Wash the lettuce leaves and roll them up like a swiss roll, use a blunt knife to cut the lettuce into small pieces, put the shredded lettuce into the bowl with the cucumber. Younger children might prefer to tear the lettuce into tiny pieces.
4. Wash the spring onion and cut of the root. Use scissors to snip the green top into small pieces, carrying on as far down the onion stem as you can manage to. Finish chopping the onion, with a blunt knife. Add the snipped onion to the other prepared ingredients.
5. Add the tuna, lemon juice and olive oil to the salad and mix well. Season with freshly ground pepper.
6. Divide the salad between the four pepper bowls and put half a tomato on top of each bowl.

Enjoy eating your crunchy salad bowl as well as its contents.

Adventurous Cooks
Find some lambs lettuce and tear this into your bowl.
Look for a Ramiro pepper and chop some into your pepper bowl, it tastes delicious but would not make a good salad bowl.
Add some fresh herbs or grow some cress and add this.